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Thank you to everyone who added their voice to our woolly petition against fuel poverty. It's not too late to get involved. Visit to find out what we're doing with the super-sized scarf and learn more about how this issue affects people with cancer.



GET knitting and change lives

Did you know thousands of people with cancer are struggling to pay their energy bills? We want to ensure they can keep warm without the worry. You can do something about it. Tell our Knit-Bot machine what makes you feel warm and it’ll add your bit to our woolly scarf petition. We’ll present the scarf to government so they can’t ignore our campaign against fuel poverty

Help people with cancer keep warm

When people are being treated for cancer they're more likely to feel the cold. They may spend a lot of time at home during treatment or recovery, pushing up their energy bills. Also, they may have less money coming in if they’ve had to stop working. That’s why many people with cancer are living in fuel poverty.

What is fuel poverty?

When someone has to spend more than 10% of their income on energy to heat and power their home.

Why knit your bit?

Tell us what makes you feel warm and our knit-bot will magically turn your message into a knitting pattern and add it to our real-life scarf.

We'll then present our knitted petition to the government so they can’t ignore our campaign against fuel poverty.

Discover more about our campaign to keep people with cancer warm this winter at

A big warm thanks to our sponsors for making our project possible…

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A big thank you to Karen Kuranda for her patient long distance knitting advice